Higher Education Amendment Act 9 of 2016 (English/Afrikaans)

9th January 2016

To amend the Higher Education Act, 1997, so as to provide for the insertion of new definitions; to provide for the determination of transformation policy and oversight mechanisms for the public higher education system; to provide for the development of articulation and recognition of prior learning frameworks across the education system; to provide for new institutional types; to provide for the conversion of public higher education institutions; to provide for the powers of the council of a public higher education institution to invest funds; to provide further for the issuing of Ministerial directives; to provide for indemnification of an independent assessor; to provide for the indemnification and termination of the term of office of an administrator; to provide for different categories of registration of private higher education institutions and the associated rights to extend the power to award diplomas, certificates and confer degrees to private higher education institutions; to provide for the withdrawal and revocation of qualifica- tions by public or private higher education institutions; and to provide for matters connected therewith.