Finding Purpose: Lessons From The Message Architect – Thami Nkadimeng

26th February 2024

Finding Purpose: Lessons From The Message Architect – Thami Nkadimeng

Thami Nkadimeng

Thami Nkadimeng, also known as The Message Architect, works with presidents, executives, corporate leaders and organisations worldwide to make positive change in the world. But before she could follow her calling, Thami had to stop looking for external validation and overcome her own self-doubt. In Finding Purpose, she takes us along in her quest to discover her life’s aim.

Thami shares her triumphs and tribulations in a heartfelt narrative that’s equal parts a confession of her mistakes and a celebration of her victories. This book is Thami’s ode to life, a testament to the joyous dance with existence we are all part of. Join her as she reflects on her journey, and discover the profound beauty in raw, unvarnished experience for yourself as you uncover your own purpose.

Thami Nkadimeng is dynamic and has a great public profile. She’s a moderator, corporate MC and programme director with a background in communications and marketing. She is well versed in finance, mining, construction, IT, and business sectors. She lives in Johannesburg.

 Finding Purpose: Lessons From The: Message Architect is published by Kwela Books, an imprint of NB Publishers