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27 April 2017
21 Apr 2017
JPSA: Easter 2017 road carnage horrific, but not unexpected
Justice Project South Africa has noted with sincere regret but little surprise; the horrific 51% increase in this year’s Easter Road fatalities reported by Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi this...
10 Aug 2016
JPSA: Please don’t take instructions from “car guards” on public roads, JPSA urges
Following an impassioned plea for assistance from young family whose motor car was towed and impounded by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department on National Woman’s Day after they were directed...
15 Mar 2016
JPSA: Criminal behaviour by JMPD officer cannot go unpunished
The latest video depicting JMPD officers abusing a motorist to go viral acutely demonstrates the urgent need for proper training and discipline which exists in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police...
05 Feb 2016
JPSA: JMPD & City of Johannesburg is at it again!
An article entitled “Expect roadblocks galore” which appeared in the Times newspaper today is of major concern to JPSA for a number of reasons, not least of which is the serious disruptions caused...
08 Aug 2014
SA: Statement by AfriForum Youth, civil youth organisation, AfriForum Youth questions action taken by UP (08/08/2014)
AfriForum Youth questions the action taken by the University of Pretoria (UP) regarding a photograph of two female students who painted their faces black, due to the fact that disciplinary steps...
07 Nov 2012
SA: Statement by Justice Project South Africa, non-profit corruption prevention company, on private enterprises illegally profiteering from speed cameras (07/11/2012)
The Star Newspaper has this morning run an article entitled ‘Estates now play traffic cop’, as a result of a joint investigation by JPSA and the Star Newspaper into an operation running in...

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