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26 May 2017
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17 May 2017
Refugee Compacts: Addressing the Crisis of Protracted Displacement
The world is witnessing higher levels of displacement than ever before. The statistics tell the story. Today, an unprecedented 65 million people—including 21 million refugees—are displaced from...
15 May 2017
The Last Mile to Quality Service Delivery in Jordan
A growing body of research suggests that the quantity and quality of structural inputs of education and healthcare services such as infrastructure, classroom and medical supplies, and even teacher...
20 Apr 2017
Making aid to Jordan and Lebanon work
Jordan and Lebanon collectively make up less than one percent of the world’s economy, but host around 20 percent of the world’s refugees. Donors have recognised the scale of the challenges that...
06 Mar 2017
The lives and livelihoods of Syrian refugees
More than 4.7-million refugees have fled Syria, most of them to neighbouring countries including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. With 10% of Syrian refugees currently residing in camps, host...
10 Feb 2017
Zuma declares provincial funeral for former Bok No9 Joost
President Jacob Zuma on Friday declared a provincial official funeral for Springbok rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen. Van der Westhuizen died on Monday after a lengthy battle with motor...
06 Feb 2017
Joost van der Westhuizen dies
The South African rugby community was in mourning on Monday following the passing of Joost van der Westhuizen, one of South Africa’s greatest-ever Springbok legends. Van der Westhuizen passed away...
24 Jan 2017
Stand and deliver – Urgent action needed on commitments made at the London Conference one year on
On 4 February 2016, the international community agreed on a ‘comprehensive new approach’ to address the protracted Syria crisis at the “Supporting Syria and the Region” Conference in London....
Africa Needs To Manage Food, Water and Energy in A Way That Connects All Three
There is an increasing global demand for food, water and energy. All three are inter-linked, a fact that has increasingly become the focus of attention for policy makers and governments. One...
29 Nov 2016
‘Turning a blind eye’: the policy response to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia
At the end of October 2016, there were 150,669 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Malaysia; 54,856 of whom were Rohingya....
16 Sep 2016
Forcibly Displaced Toward a development approach supporting refugees, the internally displaced, and their hosts
Forced displacement is not a new phenomenon. Many countries—especially in the developing world—have been managing these situations for years, at times decades. The ongoing Syrian crisis has...
17 Aug 2016
“We’re Afraid for Their Future” – Barriers to Education for Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan (August 2016)
Today, Syrian refugee children in Jordan face a bleak educational present, and an uncertain future. Close to one in three—226,000 out of 660,000—Syrians registered with the United Nations refugee...
09 Aug 2016
SECTION27: Letter by the women of SECTION27
This Women’s Day we need to pay tribute to those who walked ahead – women like Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophia Williams De Bruyn and thousands of others who sent a message to the...
07 Aug 2016
Eskom: Power alert 1 - South Africa’s nuclear experience and aspirations
Recent global developments show that the world is increasingly moving towards nuclear power and that South Africa is on the correct path with its nuclear aspirations. Current projections indicate...
29 Jul 2016
ActionAid: Annual report 2015 (July 2016)
This year women and men living in poverty continued to mobilise for their rights despite the volatile mix of disasters, militarism, conflict and economic displacement that left many of the world’s...
28 Jun 2016
DA: Gordon Mackay on the Nuke deal says DA to request SCOPA probe on appointment of Russian-linked consultants
The DA will be requesting our colleagues in the Standing Committee on Public Appropriations (SCOPA) to call for an investigation into the appointment of a Russian-linked company, WorleyParsons,...
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