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26 May 2017
19 May 2017
R2K: We demand the release of apartheid-era secrets
R2K welcomes the release of Apartheid Guns and Money, an important book about the networks of corruption and profit of our apartheid past. The book is authored by R2K member and Open Secrets...
25 Apr 2016
Mbeki slams critics of arms deal commission
Former president Thabo Mbeki on Monday criticised those who have rubbished the Arms Deal commission’s findings. "This confirms that there are some in our country who are determined to ensure that...
30 Sep 2015
Has SA lost R700-billion to corruption since ’94? Why the calculation is wrong
It’s been stated as fact that South Africa has lost R700 billion in public money to corruption since the advent of democracy in 1994. But how does one measure the cost of hidden and illegal crime?...
29 Sep 2014
SA: Joint statement by civil society, calls for real Arms Deal accountability (29/09/2014)
The 1999 Arms Deal represents up to R70 billion that should have been spent on housing, education, health and South Africa’s other pressing social needs. The Arms Deal corrupted our politics,...
14 Oct 2013
R2K: Statement by the Right2Know Campaign, coalition of media activist organisations, demands the truth on the Arms Deal (14/10/2013)
In mid-October the Seriti Commission of Inquiry starts its third month of hearings into the controversial R70-billion Arms Deal.
14 Feb 2013
Corruption in the defence sector to get greater attention
Most countries want to believe that they can rely on their military to secure their sovereignty and protect them from foreign threats. However, what is often not fully appreciated is how this...
06 Aug 2012
President Jacob Zuma laughs alone
President Jacob Zuma has an infectious laugh. His guffaws break the ice and disarm the tensest situation. At that precise moment no answers are demanded on the infamous arms deal or police...
26 Jul 2012
Why Monitoring of the UN Convention Against Corruption Matters
The almost ten-year-old United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) has committed governments to a bold agenda in the fight against corruption. The current phase of monitoring the...

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