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26 May 2017
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24 May 2017
Is 80% of Africa’s population without electricity?
Has the vast majority of Africa’s population been left in the dark? The World Economic Forum’s head of Africa said so to a South African radio station at the latest Forum on Africa, which was...
19 May 2017
DoE: Mmamoloko Kubayi: Address by Minster of Energy, during the Department of Energy budget vote for 2017/18, Parliament, Cape Town (19/05/2017)
We would have loved to receive more in light of our work, however we understand the constraints of the fiscal capability.
28 Mar 2017
Perspectives for the energy transition: Investment needs for a low-carbon energy system
This joint study looks at the potential for decarbonisation in the energy sector in G20 countries and around the world. Chapter 3, “Global Energy Transition Prospects and the Role of Renewables”,...
30 Jan 2017
Accelerating Off-grid Renewable Energy: Key Findings and Recommendations from IOREC 2016
The business case for off-grid renewables as a means to expand rural electricity access keeps growing stronger, thanks to steady cost reductions and technological innovation. Yet further...
13 Jan 2017
Measuring small-scale biogas capacity and production
This field guide presents various methodologies for estimating biogas capacity, production and consumption. Such information can be integrated into national censuses, household surveys and energy...
05 Dec 2016
Why Renewable Energy is just as Important as Hydropower in the DRC
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is expected to go to the polls to elect a new leader to succeed President Joseph Kabila, whose mandate expires on 19 December. This should have happened...
11 Nov 2016
Amid policy angst, US energy diplomat points to bipartisan support for powering Africa
America’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources would not be drawn this week on how the administration of President-elect Donald Trump could approach energy policy and...
28 Oct 2016
Renewable Energy Outlook for ASEAN
The nations of Southeast Asia stand at a crossroads in terms of their collective energy future. Amid rapid economic growth, they face a 50% rise in regional energy demand within a decade. This...
26 Oct 2016
Beyond coal: scaling up clean energy to fight global poverty
Eradicating global poverty is within reach, but under threat from a changing climate. Left unchecked, climate change will put at risk our ability to lift people out of extreme poverty permanently...
03 Oct 2016
Renewable Energy Benefits: Decentralised solutions in agri-food chain
The number of people without access to electricity is estimated at more than a billion, while almost 2.9 billion still rely on traditional, unsustainable biomass sources such as firewood for...
30 Jun 2016
Unlocking Renewable Energy Investment: The role of risk mitigation and structured finance (June 2016)
Scaling up renewable energy calls for mobilising a massive investment increase. Renewables bring far reaching benefits in terms of human health, energy access, environmental protection and the...
14 Jun 2016
Projecting progress: The SDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean (June 2016)
This paper presents Latin America and the Caribbean’s (LAC) likely progress across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda, if trends continue on their current trajectories. LAC is set to...
18 May 2016
Projecting progress – The SDGs in Asia-Pacific (May 2016)
This paper presents Asia-Pacific’s likely progress across the Sustainable Development Goals agenda, if trends continue on their current trajectories. Some Asian countries have been the world’s top...
26 Apr 2016
Africa 2030: Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future (April 2016)
African countries need to meet fast-growing energy demand and extend modern energy services to more communities while also improving people’s health and ensuring long-term sustainability. The...
14 Apr 2016
More Than a Lightbulb: Five Recommendations to Make Modern Energy Access Meaningful for People and Prosperity (brief)
“Modern energy access” is finally on the international agenda, but the current common definition of 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per capita per year is far too low. To reflect likely demand and...
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