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28 April 2017
10 Nov 2015
Draft Carbon Tax Bill released – South Africa moves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
The National Treasury has released its Draft Carbon Tax Bill for public comment, which must be submitted by the 15 December 2015 deadline. The Carbon Tax Bill is part of South Africa's commitment...
02 Nov 2015
Treasury publishes draft Carbon Tax Bill for public comment
The National Treasury on Monday published the draft Carbon Tax Bill, which could see a basic 60% tax-free threshold during the first phase of the carbon tax from implementation date up to 2020, for...
NT: Publication of the Draft Carbon Tax Bill for public comment
The National Treasury today publishes the Draft Carbon Tax Bill for public comment, following on the announcement made by the Minister of Finance in the 2015 Budget. Cabinet approved the...
07 Aug 2015
Carbon tax – some pragmatism is needed
Low Carbon Future
The furore over the carbon tax that is playing itself out in public and behind closed doors is leading to an impasse. From the submissions made to the Davis Commission (which is reviewing the...
06 Aug 2015
A carbon tax for South Africa: why a pragmatic approach makes sense
The furore over the carbon tax in South Africa that is playing itself out both in public and behind closed doors is leading to an impasse. General responses to the carbon tax have tended to be...
25 Mar 2015
EFF: Mbuyiseni Ndlonzi on Jacob Zuma’s irresponsible utterances referring to poor South Africans as lazy
The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the racist anti-black and self-hating remarks of President Zuma that poor South Africans are lazy particularly because whites are not in control. Zuma, who...
26 Feb 2015
JCCI: Adv. Fay Mukaddam says failry balanced budget in constrained economy
Certainly not a good news budget address, but given the limited sources to find additional revenue in a constrained environment, while still supporting growth objectives, the budget was fairly...
Analysis of the 2015 National Budget Address
Taxpayers were warned as far back as October 2014 that the Budget 2015 would not be a happy one for them. Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene made it abundantly clear that more tax revenue was needed...
25 Feb 2015
SA: Nhlanhla Nene: Address by Minister of Finance, during the 2015 National Budget speech, Parliament, Cape Town (25/02/2015)
Over the past twenty years we have built houses, delivered water and electricity, improved access to schools and health care. Yet there are people living in shacks, there are schools without...
Nene unveils R17bn in tax hikes as part of ‘fiscal rebalancing’ plan
Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene announced hikes in personal income tax rates as part of a package of tax changes designed to increase gross revenue collections by R17-billion and raise net revenue...
DA: Dr Dion George says Minister Nene balances the books on the backs of the poor
Today the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, tabled a budget that seeks financial relief from the pocket of every South African for government’s poor financial management. In his speech today,...
24 Feb 2015
Carbon tax not yet a source of revenue for Minister Nene
In his first medium-term policy statement, Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, announced that approximately R12 billion in additional revenue will need to be raised in 2015/16.[1] To achieve this...
29 Aug 2014
Business should not absorb e-toll costs – Busa
Business does not support the view that it should absorb the cost of e-tolling, Business Unity South Africa (Busa) said on Friday. "Business has always indicated its willingness to come on board...
26 Feb 2014
Carbon tax postponed to 2016
In a move likely to invite criticism from environmental tax proponents, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced to Parliament on Wednesday that, while a “package” of measures – including a carbon...
11 Mar 2013
Sasol warns of possible unintended carbon-tax consequences
The unintended consequences of South Africa’s proposal to introduce a carbon tax as from January 1, 2015, had to be analysed, Sasol CEO David Constable said on Monday. Speaking following the...

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