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28 May 2017
07 Mar 2017
SA’s Corporatised Liberation – A critical analysis of the ANC in power
South Africa’s democracy is in trouble. The present situation is, in objective terms, a house divided; a house that is tottering on rotten foundations. Despite the more general advances that have...
Surveillance & the City of Cape Town
What's On
R2K Western Cape is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on "Surveillance ad the City", looking at intelligence-led policing and data-collection in the City of Cape Town. This is set to take...
22 Apr 2015
What's On
Right2Know Gauteng will be picketing outside the Hector Peterson Memorial in Soweto ahead of tomorrow's anti-xenophobia march. Date: 22nd April 2015
13 Mar 2015
R2K Gauteng to protest against Police Brutality on Human Rights Day
What's On
RIGHT2KNOW PROTEST RALLY IN JOHANNESBURG AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY ON HUMAN RIGHTS DAY To voice our outrage at increasing police brutality and the growing attacks on the right to protest, the...
15 Jan 2015
South Africa's freedom journey fatally undermined by continuing crises of poverty, unemployment and inequality
The South African Civil Society Information Service
Evidently, the ANC thinks that the people of South Africa do not know their own history. That’s more or less what ANC General Secretary Gwede Mantashe said the other day when addressing the media...
22 Aug 2014
Daily podcast – August 22, 2014
President Jacob Zuma says supporting small enterprises and broad-based black economic empowerment will be a key strategy in growing the economy to create millions of decent jobs by 2030. He said...
The media must be de-commercialised – R2K
South African media needs to be de-commercialised so that the industry can see true diversity, Right2Know campaign spokesperson Dale McKinley said on Thursday. "If we want real diversity, the media...
13 Jun 2014
Memo to the Chief Justice: Democratic freedoms are indivisible
The South African Civil Society Information Service
In a democracy worthy of the name, no specific belief, conscience, thought, opinion or religion has special legal or societal status. As captured in the equality clause of South Africa’s Bill of...
12 May 2014
The real story of South Africa's national elections
The South African Civil Society Information Service
No sooner had the final results of the recently concluded 2014 national elections been announced than President Zuma gave a predictably self-congratulatory speech lauding the result as “the will of...
08 Oct 2013
11 Sep 2013
The nationalisation debate is more about State capitalism than anything else
South African Civil Society Information Service
If ever there was an example of a discursively circular and politically manipulated ‘debate’ in post-1994 South Africa, it is nationalisation. Like a differentially located scene from a Hollywood...
26 Sep 2012
SA: Statement by the Right to Know Campaign, Civil Rights Group, asserts that International Right to Know Day march continues despite police non-compliance (26/09/2012)
Although we have made repeated attempts to engage meaningfully with the Tshwane Metro Police Department and the South African Police Service regarding the planning of this event, they have...

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