Ramaphosa's busy day in East London

12th January 2018 By: African News Agency

Ramaphosa's busy day in East London

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa
Photo by: Reuters

African National Congress (ANC) President, Cyril Ramaphosa, had a busy day on Friday, and it's not even over yet.

First up, Ramaphosa began his day with what has now become his famous morning jog since he arrived in East London for the party's birthday celebrations. Only this time he did not wear his red and white McDonald's socks that attracted so much social media commentary on Wednesday.

Fresh from his jog, or more like socialising with joggers, Ramaphosa took to the greens for a round of golf at the East London Golf Club with some of the party's bigwigs and business people.

Though he showed off some of his skills with the club, especially after teeing with a clean drive, Ramaphosa let himself down with a putt in one of the holes.

And despite the scorching sun in the golf course, Ramaphosa had a moment for the media, telling journalists that "the rallying call [for the January 8 Statement] is renewal, unity and one other important issue which you will hear about when we deliver the statement" before leaving.

Then it was off to Duncan Village for the ANC president, about five kilometres away from the East London city business district, to see and hear for himself the plight of residents in the informal settlement.  

Ramaphosa, who was accompanied by some members of the ANC's National Executive Committee, arrived to loud cheers of a small crowd and proceeded to visit four homes in Ward 06 of the area.

Ramaphosa's visit to Duncan Village was part of drumming up support as the ANC will hold its 106th anniversary celebrations at the Absa Stadium, East London, in the Eastern Cape province on Saturday.

An elderly female resident, Nini Zenzile, confronted Ramaphosa about the spate of crime in the area, recounting instances of abuse by her troublesome son and the alleged lack of police response when residents report crime.

Ramaphosa listened attentively, strategically stopping Zenzile to ask her questions for clarity, and then promised her that "something will be done today" about her plight.

Ramaphosa then proceeded to pay a courtesy visit to the family of struggle stalwart, Henry Fazzie, before meeting with ANC volunteers in Duncan Village.

The ANC president's stamina was really put to test as he then welcomed Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, of the Jubilee Party. He is expected to attend the ANC's January 8 Statement on Saturday. Ramaphosa is also set to deliver the keynote address at a gala dinner on Friday night.