EFF's 2019 Electoral List

14th March 2019

EFF's 2019 Electoral List

The Economic Freedom Fighters has complied with the Independent Electoral Commission, and submitted its full list of candidates for parliament and all provincial legislatures.

The list has a gender balance, consistent with the principle of a Zebra approach on a 50/50 percent representation. It also has a geographic spread and age balance.

The list is a result of a rigorous democratic process that included each candidate being subjected to an internal secret ballot, from the CIC Julius Malema to the rest of the fighters. It has continuity and change: meaning it has retained hard working fighters and added young revolutionaries, particularly from the Fees Must Fall Movement.

Thus, it is constituted by a tried and tested collective of fighters who have cut their teeth in the picket lines of the Economic Emancipation Movement.

Issued by the EFF