DA: Makashule Gana says BLF thugs physically attack DA Activists

12th October 2017

DA: Makashule Gana says BLF thugs physically attack DA Activists

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is deeply angered by the behaviour of a group of intoxicated thugs, wearing BLF regalia, who attacked DA Activists who were canvassing support at Ghandi Square for the #Data4All Campaign.

The BLF cornered and attacked our Activists using whips and other weapons, then went on further to slap one of our female staff members who was recording the entire incident.

We will therefore be laying assault charges with the SAPS against the BLF who have a track record of violent and thuggish conduct when engaging with those who they disagree with, which is everyone but the Guptas, who continue to prop up the ANC and their corrupt activities.

There is no place in our society for the BLF’s divisive and violent acts, the SAPS must therefore take seriously the charges that will be laid against this collective, which can best be described as an ideologically-devoid vigilante group.

With every passing day under an ANC government, its supporters like the BLF, show that South Africa is yearning for a new beginning where freedoms and rights are upheld, defended and protected.

The DA will not be deterred by these thugs and will continue to fight for the people of South Africa, especially those overburdened by the ANC’s mismanagement of the country and its economy.


Issued by DA