DA: Jacqueline Theologo says DA boycotts North West Legislature

7th December 2017

DA: Jacqueline Theologo says DA boycotts North West Legislature

The DA in the North West Provincial Legislature will not participate in the ANC governments deliberate tactic to use opposition parties to endorse the North West Adjustment Appropriation Bill 2017.

The Division of Revenue of the North West indicated that the allocated budget was not fully utilised by any of the departments in the North West Government in the current financial year. Due to this gross underspending any additional funds may be withdrawn from the North West Province by National Treasury.

This will bring about the failure of each department to fulfill their mandate. It will subsequently have an increased negative impact on job creation, advancement of education, health as well as infrastructure and road maintenance, to name but a few.

The ANC government did however un-legislatively proceed with the adoption of this Bill despite the fact that they did not have the two thirds (2/3) majority in the sitting. In the Standing Rules of the North West Provincial Legislature, Rule 89 (2) states: “The question on the adoption of a money Bill must be determined by a Roll-call”. Rule 26 (2) states: At least two thirds (2/3) of the Members shall be present before the taking of a vote on a Bill or an amendment to a Bill.

According to section 120 of the Constitution, this bill is deemed a Money Bill.

It is clear that the ANC-led government in the North West is incapable of managing their finances. The DA will write a letter to National Treasury requesting urgent intervention in the North West’s financial affairs. The DA will also challenge the ANC’s unlawful procedure in dealing with the approval of the North West Appropriation Bill. The DA wrote to the Speaker of the NW Legislature requesting the following information:

· Attendance register.
· The recordings of the proceedings.
· What rule was applied to pass the Bill?

The DA will ensure that the Legislature works to advance a new beginning for the people of the North West.


Issued by DA