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28 March 2017
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26 Jun 2015
Do we have the humanity to take care of each other in a post-work society?
The South African Civil Society Information Service
The South African government has finally come around to talking about introducing a national minimum wage. There’s still no indication what the floor will be set at, but this is surely good news in...
24 Jun 2015
Eskom's class agenda
The South African Civil Society Information Service
Eskom has been plagued by inefficiencies and scandals. There’s been load shedding, exorbitantly large managerial salaries, and scandals around tenders and coal-supply costs. Over and above this has...
23 Jun 2015
Charleston (it's not over)
The South African Civil Society Information Service
Since the 1920s Charleston has been the name of a dance, a dance with roots in Africa and made white and famous on Broadway. Now Charleston is the name of a massacre, the murder of nine people and...
19 Jun 2015
On the state of democracy in South Africa
The South African Civil Society Information Service
South African democracy spans two very different worlds. In one, people complain loudly but enjoy full democratic rights – in the other, most remain unheard and battle for the right to speak. In...
17 Jun 2015
Are we attracting the wrong kind of mining entrepreneurs to South Africa? The case of MRC, Xolobeni and Tormin
The South African Civil Society Information Service
South African wealth is founded on our extraordinary mineral bounty, conservatively valued at over $3 trillion (R36 trillion). Our future is dependent on how we manage this geological legacy. We...
12 Jun 2015
Remembering an Era Filled with the Spirit of Solidarity when Seafaring Refugees were Helped Rather than Abandoned
It will be 30 years next month since French intelligence agents bombed the first Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, sinking the ship and killing one crew member. The event is currently being...
11 Jun 2015
E-tolls and Privacy: Adding Insult to Injury
E-tolls. Many, if not most, Gauteng residents hate them, even though the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) has gone on a charm offensive to try and turn public opinion around. In spite...
Localised Energy Generation is the Solution to the Eskom Crisis, but We Need Managed Localism
This opinion piece by the South African Civil Society Information Service contends that two forms of anarchism will further imperil the energy crisis – first there’s Eskom’s anarchic pursuit of...
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