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24 February 2017
Legal Briefs
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23 Feb 2017
To liquidate or commence business rescue proceedings: Reasonable prospects of recovery or not?
Business Rescue proceedings have been introduced into our law by Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act 71 of 2008, as amended from time to time (“the Companies Act”). The main focus of business rescue...
06 Feb 2017
The Effect of Settlement Agreements made Orders of Court
When both parties to a dispute agree on certain terms and conditions, certain obligations and rights and certain future actions - outside of the dispute being settled in the forum concerned (e.g....
20 Oct 2016
Company Resolutions And The Decision Making Process
At the core of every organisation, there are key decision makers who are responsible for the management of operational, financial and executive functions and decision-making. Before any action is...
15 Sep 2016
Resolving Sectional Title Disputes
Disputes involving sectional title schemes and body corporates, usually also involve your neighbours. It is for this reason that there should always first be attempted to resolve any difference or...
08 Sep 2016
Cancelling a contract via email
Most contracts have a standard “non-variation” clause incorporated towards the end of the contract. This clause normally states that no variation or consensual cancellation of the agreement entered...
13 Jul 2016
Resolving Construction and Contractor Disputes
Building disputes happen fairly often, and in a large portion of cases end up before an arbitrator or worse, in court. The main reason behind this seems to be two-fold.  Firstly, due to the fact...
06 Jul 2016
Your legal rights under the National Credit Act
Access to credit enables people to spend money that they don't have right now. Which can be very useful if applied and managed responsibly. However, sooner rather than later the use of credit...
21 Jun 2016
The Admissibility of Electronic Documents in Court Proceedings
When documents or evidence in an electronic format is used as evidence in court proceedings, it is crucial to ascertain whether the document is authentic, i.e. an unaltered original version of the...
Legal Briefs
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