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28 March 2017
15 Oct 2014
Computer generated patent claims: Good thing or bad thing?
I recently came across an interesting post on PATENTLYO about a new service from France called Cloem. I'll get to what they do in a minute, but first, some background on patentability. Disclaimer:...
03 Sep 2014
Who owns Facebook 'Likes'? Do they have value?
An interesting case , Stacey Mattocks vs. Black Entertainment Television LLC, was recently decided in a Florida, USA court. The Facts Woman loves TV show (nothing I've ever heard of). TV show gets...
18 Jul 2014
Generic domain names: Are they still valuable in 2014?
I recently helped broker the sale, for a substantial sum, of a client’s  generic-phrase “co.za” domain name. The client had never used the domain in any way in  the seven years he had owned it...
23 Jun 2014
Why patents are still central to innovation, whatever Tesla does
Few in the tech or intellectual property worlds will have missed the blog post of Elon Musk, in which he announced that Tesla would be “opening up” all of its patents to competitors. Some have...

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