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24 May 2017
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26 Apr 2017
Companies Act: Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) offices semi-closure on 13 April 2017
(Gazette 40780, Notice R348)
Notice is hereby given in terms of and for purpose of the Acts mentioned in the Scheduled below...
Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill: Explanatory summary
(Gazette 40788, Notice R302)
The Minister of Transport hereby in terms of National Assembly Rule No.241(1) (b) intends introducing the Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill, 2017 ( "the Bill ") in Parliament during 2017.
Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Act: Represented political parties’ fund
(Gazette 40781, Notice R290)
In terms of Regulation 2(1) of the Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Regulations, 1998,  the  Commission  hereby  gives  notice  that  a  total  amount  of  R140  729  576.00 (One...
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa: National Orders: Citizens awarded
(Gazette 40789, Notice R357)
It is hereby notified that the above-mentioned National Order will be awarded by the President in the categories indicated to the following...
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act: Increase of maximum amount of earnings on which assessment of employer shall be calculated
(Gazette 40782, Notice R349)
The Minister of Labour intends to increase the amount of earnings under Section 83 (8) of the Compensation for Occupational injuries and Diseases Act...
19 Apr 2017
Communal Property Associations Amendment Bill: Explanatory summary
(Gazette 40772, Notice R286)
The Minister for Rural Development and Land Reform intends introducing the Communal  Property  Associations  Amendment  Bill,  2017 in  the  National Assembly during the first quarter of 2017. The...
Electronic Communications Act: 2016 municipal elections coverage compliance report
(Gazette 40772, Notice R285)
All  broadcasters and political parties who participated during the elections coverage monitoring process.
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