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24 May 2017
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09 May 2017
Agricultural Product Standards Act: Regulations: Grading, packing and marking of wheat products intended for sale in South Africa
(Gazette 40828, Notice R405)
The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries acting under section 15 of the Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (Act No. 119 of 1990)–
Standards Act: Standards matters
(Gazette 40827, Notice R329)
In terms of the Standards Act, 2008 (Act No. 8 of 2008), the Board of the South African Bureau of Standards has acted in regard to standards in the manner set out in the Schedules to this notice.
Electricity Act: Licence fees payable by licensed generators of electricity
(Gazette 40827, Notice R400)
I Mmamoloko Kubayi, Minister of Energy, acting under section 5 (b) of the Electricity Act, 1987 (Act No. 41 of 1987), hereby prescribe that a levy of 0.08119 cents per kWh, in respect of...
Higher Education Act: Policy on evaluation of creative outputs and inovations produced by South African Public Higher Education Institutions
(Gazette 40819, Notice R395)
I, Bonginkosi Emmanuel Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training, hereby promulgate the Policy on the Evaluation of Creative Outputs and Innovations produced by South African Public...
South African Schools Act: National norms and standards for school funding: Amendment
(Gazette 40818, Notice R394)
I, Angelina Matsie Motshekga, Minister of Basic Education, in terms of section 35 read with section 39(7) of the South African Schools Act, 1996, (Act 84 of 1996) and with paragraphs 110 and 112 of...
Employment Equity Act: Code of Good Practice on Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of Employment Equity Plan
(Gazette 40817, Notice R393)
Notice is hereby given under Section 54 (2) of the Employment Equity Act No. 55, 1998, that the Minister of Labour, having been advised by the Commission for Employment Equity, has issued a Code of...
National Health Act: Regulations: General control of human bodies, tissue, blood products and gametes: Amendment
(Gazette 40816, Notice R392)
The Minister of Health has, under section 68(1) of the National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003), made the regulations in the Schedule.
Banks Act: Withdrawal of consent to maintain representative office of foreign institution in South Africa: Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
(Gazette 40815, Notice R324)
Notice  is  hereby  given,  for  general  information,  that  the  consent  granted  to  Union  Bank  of  Nigeria  Plc,  by  the Registrar  of  Banks,  to  maintain  a  representative  office...
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