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26 April 2017
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23 Mar 2017
South Africa struggling to be reborn
The South Africa we fought for is struggling to be reborn. In fact, it is being pushed back into the womb. As we prepare to celebrate 23 years of democracy, I find myself wondering whether our...
17 Feb 2017
Foreign policy rows all about the changing balance of power
The year began with two rows on foreign policy. The first was about a visit to Taiwan by Solly Msimang in his capacity as the executive mayor of Tshwane. The second, which riled the African...
27 Jan 2017
SA needs a leader who will be able to cure the country’s ills
The election of the leader of the African National Congress (ANC) is not only about individual interests; that is, it is not only about the interests of the individuals who want to ascend to the...
16 Dec 2016
2016: Year of Orwellian manipulation
We must declare 2016 the year of Orwellian manipulation. For the purposes of this article, Orwellian manipulation is about presenting falsehoods as truths, and truths as falsehoods. The aim is to...
18 Oct 2016
Likely consequences of an ANC-EFF merger
For about three years now, there have been consistent rumours that some leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African National Congress (ANC) have been engaged in on-off...
29 Sep 2016
Politics to blame as SA hurtles towards downgrade
South Africa is inching closer and closer towards a downgrade to subinvestment grade. To blame, of course, is the increasingly fractious politics of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). If...
24 Aug 2016
Implications of this year’s local government elections
In electoral terms, South Africa is a new country. The South Africa of the day before the local government elections, in relation to the South Africa of the day after the elections, is a country...
29 Jul 2016
Sustainable availability?
At the peak of South Africa’s load-shedding crisis, much emphasis was given to adding new capacity, especially private capacity, as well as to increasing energy efficiency. These remain laudable...
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