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When is a debt not a “debt”?

20th February 2019 Once upon a time, not too long ago, the word “debt” in the 1969 Prescription Act (the “Act”) covered just about any obligation to do anything. That, in turn, meant that virtually any obligation to do anything or to demand that another party do something, was susceptible to the exigencies of the... 

Make it easier to Know Your Customer

19th February 2019 Know your customer (KYC) is a business principle within the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FICA) that encourages relevant companies to establish and verify the identity of their customers/clients before or during the time they do business. This is required to ensure that clients are not... 

Employee screening is a must for reputable colleges

18th February 2019 The beginning of the academic year has become synonymous with an abundance of recently matriculated students jostling for admittance into tertiary institutes across the country. As is often the case, a number of these students are unable to find placement at big-name universities and turn... 

Looking back at the regulatory changes that took place in 2018

5th February 2019 While 2018 was a challenging and dynamic year for business professionals in the legal and regulatory domain, it was also a year of great advancement towards the Rule of Law in the South African business and legal spheres. Speaking at the Integrity Lapse event hosted by Professor Thuli Madonsela... 

Disrupting data intelligence sourcing

31st January 2019 Acknowledging that stakeholder inputs have an impact on business success requires that organisations gather information from both internal and external participants. This data provides valuable insights into trends, expectations and risks, enabling informed decision making and appropriate... 

Stay up to date with the intricacies of South African Tax Law

14th January 2019 2018 was again a year of change in the field of tax law. To assist tax professionals with the challenge of keeping up to date with the changes, LexisNexis publishes their trusted tax annuals, offering up-to-date legislation and expert insights into the South African tax laws. The LexisNexis... 
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