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17 January 2017
Breaking News
12 Nov 2002
Regulations to limit alcohol advertising on cards
The national health department is set to publish draft regulations next year, to limit the advertising of alcoholic products in the media.
Zuma to brief Museveni on Burundi peace progress
Deputy President Jacob Zuma is expected to brief Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala today, on the position of the Burundi ceasefire negotiations.
11 Nov 2002
Burundians to sign ceasefire in Pretoria
Warring factions in the conflict-ridden Burundi have resolved to meet in Pretoria to discuss the implementation of a ceasefire agreement that was signed last month, says Deputy President Jacob Zuma.
Free press can help poor and boost economies
A free press can reduce poverty and boost economic development in poor countries but the success of newspapers, radio and TV stations in spurring development depends on their independence, quality,...
Govt and black business to tackle job creation
Government is looking at ways to cooperate with the business sector in areas of economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation.
SA welcomes Iraq's accession to weapons inspection
Government has welcomed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's commitment that the country will respect any action or decision that is taken in compliance with the United Nations (UN) Charter and...
Social dialogue crucial to sustainable development
Challenges of poverty and inequality, slow economic growth and lack of adequate employment creation can be overcome through 'social dialogue' between social partners, says labour minister...
08 Nov 2002
EU offers tariff-reduction plan for industrial goods
The European Union has offered a plan to reduce tariffs and push the WTO’s current round of negotiations forward, including special trade deals for developing countries, the Wall Street...
Former TRC head joins Business Against Crime
The former head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Dr Biki Minyuku, has been appointed as Business Against Crime South Africa's (BAC-SA) project director for the Criminal Justice...
Language policy for higher education
Cabinet yesterday approved the Language Policy Framework for higher education, which is set to promote other South African languages for use in higher education institutions.
Nqakula says SA democracy must be defended
Safety and security minister Charles Nqakula says Ms Mamotsieng Mokone's death in last weeks bomb blasts in Soweto, Gauteng must be a reminder to all peace and freedom-loving South Africans that...
UN passes long-awaited Iraq resolution
The Security Council today voted unanimously to return United Nations weapons inspectors to Iraq, offering Baghdad a last chance to comply with its disarmament obligations and recalling previous...
07 Nov 2002
Britain warns on EU farm costs
Failure to reform the European common agricultural policy (CAP) would mean the end of the Doha agreement to open up world trade to less developed countries, Clare Short, Britain's international...
Cabinet approves regional, global conventions
Cabinet has approved the ratification of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation.
Cabinet welcomes signing of Peer Review Mechanism
Cabinet has welcomed the signing of the declaration on the Peer Review Mechanism by 12 countries during the Nepad Heads of State Implementation Committee held in Abuja, Nigeria, over the weekend.
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