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26 May 2017
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26 May 2017
Standards Act: Standards matters
(Gazette 40847, Notice R399)
In terms of the Standards Act, 2008 (Act No. 8 of 2008), the Board of the South African Bureau of Standards has acted in regard to standards in the manner set out in the Schedules to this notice.
Updated 6 hours ago
White Paper on National Civil Aviation Policy
(Gazette 40847, Notice R401)
I, Joe Maswanganyi, Minister of Transport, hereby publish the White Paper on Nationa Civil Aviation Policy 2017 for general information.
Updated 6 hours ago
International Trade Administration Act: Customs tariff applications: List 4/2017
(Gazette 40847, Notice R400)
The International Trade Administration Commission (herein after referred to as ITAC or the Commission) has received the following application concerning the Customs Tariff. Any objection to or...
Updated 6 hours ago
25 May 2017
Restitution of Land Rights Act: Claim for restitution of land rights: Various farms in KwaZulu-Natal: Amendment
(Gazette 40847, Notice R381)
A mending  Notice 176  of  2006 published  in Government  Gazette No. 28458  on  10  February  2006 in  the Dube Community,  under  Reference  No.  KRN6/2/2/E/20/0/0/ 28 to WITHDRAW the properties...
Sugar Act: Sugar Industry Agreement: Pest control: Amendment: Correction
(Gazette 40847, Notice R358)
The following is a correction to the Government Gazette Notice No. 40711 appearing in the Non-Governmental Notice No. 235 of 24 March 2017. The Notice is hereby corrected with the below:
Agricultural Product Standards Act: Agence for Food Safety: Inspection fees
(Gazette 40847, Notice R356)
Agency for Food Safety (Pty) Ltd being appointed as assignee, in terms of section 2(3)(a) of the Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (Act No. 119 of 1990) to apply sections 3(1) and 4A of the...
Promotion of Access to Information Act: Description: Department of Higher Education and Training
(Gazette 40847, Notice R353)
I, Michael Msutha,  Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, hereby publish under section 15(2) of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000), the descriptions...
Competition Act: Complaint referrals
(Gazette 40847, Notice R352)
The  Competition  Tribunal  gives  notice  in  terms  of  Section  51(3)  &  (4)  of  the  Competition  Act  89  of  1998 as amended, that it received the complaint referrals listed below.  The...
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