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23 April 2014
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07 Apr 2014
Zimbabweans In South Africa – An amnesty travesty?
Chris Watters
So, for those approximately 230 000 Zimbabweans who are sitting with their 2010 ZDP permits, the truth will out and the waiting is at an end.  Cabinet has decided that “the permit holders [most...
06 May 2013
'Guptagate', ports of entry and the Department of Home Affairs
Amidst all the dust and fury of the Guptagate saga, little seems to have been said about the possible role of the Department of Home Affairs – or yet another errant official – in all of this....
06 Nov 2012
Mangaung and a new immigration policy?
Amidst all the supposed doom and gloom in the run up to the Mangaung conference, it is hoped that attentions will not be solely focused on the election of party office bearers.  The ANC will be...
29 Mar 2012
Home affairs, short term visits, babies and the bathwater (again!)
As part of its regular display of how much “it cares” for local business confidence, job creation and South Africa’s offshore image as being ‘open for business’, Home Affairs has once...
21 Nov 2011
The NDP and Home Affairs
With the NDP, as proposed, the government (or at least Manuel’s office) begins at last to come to terms with what informed immigration policies can do for the country’s economic malaise. There...
14 Oct 2011
South African ‘Refugees’ in Canada
The media reported recently, and perhaps with a little less passion than previously, that the Federal Court of Appeal [“FCA”] had dismissed Mr. Huntley’s appeal (against the refusal of his...
10 Oct 2011
The Department Of Home Affairs is failing refugees
What is it with so many South Africans and refugees? Why do so many have such a jaundiced view of people who are “forrin”?
28 Jun 2011
Emigration from South Africa: Sound bites and other silliness
It is well-known, except perhaps to one or other Government spokesperson, that South Africa is plagued by a skills shortage and endemic un- or under-employment. At the same time one of the many...
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