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17 Mar 2014
What's gone wrong? On the brink of a failed state
‘What's gone wrong?’ This is the question posed by Alex Boraine. A question on the lips of millions of South Africans. Boraine attempts to answer this urgent question from the vantage point of wide...
10 Mar 2014
Lost and Found in Johannesburg
When Mark Gevisser was a little boy, growing up in a apartheid South Africa, he was obsessed with maps, and with the Holmden’s Registry, Johannesburg’s Street Guide, in particular. He played a game...
17 Feb 2014
Re-imagining post-apartheid Yeoville Bellevue
Yeoville Bellevue is a dynamic and challenging part of the inner city of Johannesburg, which has gone through a series of dramatic socio-spacial changes, most notably from the late 1970s to the...
05 Feb 2014
The fall of the ANC: What next?
‘On the basis of the current state of politics in South Africa – of corruption, factionalism, the use of politics as a means of accumulation, all of which are abundant in the ANC – we have come to...
28 Jan 2014
Helen Suzman: Bright Star in a Dark Chamber
Author Interviews
As the leading light of the Progressive Party, Helen Suzman was for many years the sole member of the pre-democratic parliament to oppose apartheid. In the face of considerable hostility, she...
10 Dec 2013
Meaning in Life
What makes a person's life meaningful? Thaddeus Metz offers a new answer to an ancient question which has recently returned to the philosophical agenda. He proceeds by examining what, if anything,...
09 Dec 2013
How circumstances present to us is beyond our control, but we do have the potential within our being to choose how to respond to them. In a game of cards, the outcome is not determined by the type...
13 Nov 2013
Lessons from the boot of a car – For entrepreneurship, and for life
Reg Lascaris, one of South Africa's most celebrated marketers, literally started out from the boot of an old car. The road leading from the one point to the other has been long, uneven and often...
11 Nov 2013
fhedzi, subtitled iamgoingtoknowgwalopatterns, is the second volume of poetry published by innovative South African poet Khulile Nxumalo. Nxumalo was born in Diepkloof, Soweto, in 1971. He finished...
08 Nov 2013
South Africa @ 20: For better or for worse?
Over the next few weeks, online publisher South Africa – The Good News will be promoting the content of its new book South Africa @ 20: For better or for worse? by using some of the articles...
30 Oct 2013
South Africa in Brics: Salvation or ruination?
The economic landscape of the world is changing dramatically. The power structure that favoured developed countries is falling away under the effects of the global financial crisis of 2008, the...
07 Oct 2013
Skoenlapper – An interview with Irma Venter
Irma Venter is a journalist at a media company in Johannesburg. Her first crime thriller, Skoenlapper, published by Human & Rousseau in June 2012, recently won the prize for best thriller in...
20 Sep 2013
The Long View: Getting beyond the drama of SA's headlines
Political and trend analyst JP Landman's latest book 'The Long View' asks some of South Africa's toughest questions: is South Africa going to make it? Are we going to become a shining example of a...
17 Sep 2013
Zumanomics Revisited: The road from Mangaung to 2030
Zumanomics Revisited is a sequel to the successful 2009 publication, Zumanomics – Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? This was a well-received and influential exposition of what might...
16 Aug 2013
Black Widow Society
In 1994 when South Africans were finally seeing the light of freedom and independence, three well-respected businesswomen – Talullah Ntuli, Edna Whithead and Nkosazana Dlamini – formed the Black...
Author Interviews
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