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26 October 2014
Legal Briefs
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21 Oct 2014
In the PINK...
Two fashion retailers have been at it again – this time over the trade mark PINK. In the recent case of Thomas Pink Limited v Victoria’s Secret UK Limited [2014]  EWHC 2631 (Ch) that was heard...
16 Oct 2014
Commencement of the Employment Equity Amendment Act, 47 of 2013
adams & adams
In accordance with the attached Proclamation, the Employment Equity Amendment Act came into operation on 1 August 2014.  Some of the more important provisions include :- 1. The definition of...
15 Oct 2014
Restaint of trade clauses and/or agreements: Worth more than the paper they are written on
There appears to be a common misconception that Restraint of Trade covenants are unenforceable and not worth the paper they are written on.  This is a misconception because a Restraint of Trade is...
14 Oct 2014
Rape: An 'accident' arising out of and in the course of employment for purposes of COIDA? Not quite...
The SCA recently dismissed an appeal brought by the MEC for the Department of Health, Free State Province (“MEC”) who is seeking to escape liability for damages by relying on Section 35(1) of the...
13 Oct 2014
The value of registering your brand
“If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything...
06 Oct 2014
The Irony of the Mark Shuttleworth SCA Decision
Adams & Adams
The judgment in the appeal by entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth has certainly drawn significant interest in the news headlines partly due to the R 250 million amount (plus interest!) which the SA...
17 Sep 2014
Adwords Litigation comes to South Africa
Adams & Adams
This month the High Court heard argument that bidding on a competitor trade mark as a keyword amounted to unlawful competition. The case is significant because it is the first of its kind in South...
16 Sep 2014
Loeries Adams & Adams Young Creatives Award – shaping the role of leaders in the young creative economy
Adams & Adams
As the Loeries roar into town this week, South Africa’s talented young creatives are on tenterhooks as they eagerly await the results of the Young Creatives Award. "Rewarding young creative...
Legal Briefs
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