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Leanne Hunt on her book What Every Blind Person Needs You to Know. (Camera & editing: Darlene Creamer)
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Empowering the blind or partially-sighted person in your life would be fabulous, right? Giving her back her independence would significantly enhance her self-esteem, not to mention freeing you up to attend to other things on your plate.
Written by someone who has walked the path of deteriorating eyesight and worked as a qualified crisis counsellor, this handbook contains a wealth of insight into the physical, emotional and psychological challenges facing those with a disability. Its contents include:

  • Common attitudes towards blindness
  • Manifestations of difficulty
  • Reasons for resistance
  • Some tips on encouraging independence
  • Signs of progress
  • The value of community
  • The temptation to cop out
  • Successful separation

The process of educating yourself about what your visually-impaired family member, friend or colleague needs you to know can be as empowering for you as it is for her. Say goodbye to guilt and start expanding your interests into new areas. This book will show you how!

About the author

Leanne Hunt is a Johannesburg-based fiction and self-help writer, specialising in helping sighted people better understand and cater for their blind companions.

The loss of her sight through early-onset macular degeneration has presented her with many challenges, but it also gives her a unique outlook on life. Her interests include psychology, spirituality and travel.


What Every Blind Person Needs You to Know is published by Drumguill

Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter
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