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27 May 2017
Photo: Duane
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The United Democratic Movement (UDM) sends condolences to the family and friends of the brutally killed police officers while on duty. As UDM, we note with shock and concern the increasing numbers of officials killed throughout the country. The recent killings bring much alarm and it warranties that something should be done urgently.

We cannot carry on as if nothing happened. The attack on police is an attack to the citizens. UDM calls on community members to help in the protection of the police. They must be allowed to do their job without fear.

When a police officer dies, not only the family is affected but the whole community and nation at large. The police must be trained in such a manner that will allow them to defend themselves when they are attacked.

We wish to extend a speedy recovery to the police officer who was wounded during shootout in Soweto. We hope he gets well soon. We call on the security agencies to work tirelessly to arrest the culprits. We hope they will get arrested and brought to book


Issued by UDM

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