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29 April 2017
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To provide for measures to safeguard the physical well-being and safety of persons and property at sports or recreational events held at stadiums, venues or along a route; to provide for certain prohibitions; to provide for the provisional and final risk categorisation of events; to provide for the establishment of measures to deal with safety and security at events; to provide for accreditation of role-players at events; to provide for event ticketing; to provide for the control of access of spectators and vehicles at events; to provide for the issuing of safety certificates for planned or existing stadiums or venues; to provide for the contents of safety certificates and amendments to safety certificates; to provide for appointment of inspectors and their powers of entry and inspection; to provide for the deployment of security services; to provide for spectator exclusion notices; to provide for prohibition notices; to provide for the establishment of an Appeal Board and for appeals; to provide for public liability insurance for events; to provide for payment of fees; to provide for offences and penalties; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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