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26 April 2017
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The DA welcomes the response  by the South Africa Police Service in Ga-Molapo, Limpopo, where five students had been raped walking back from Sebitja High School. I had walked in solidarity with these learners in November last year, to highlight the danger that they found themselves in while walking through thick bushes on the way home.

The Divisional Commissioner of Visible Policing confirmed in response to my request for action that they had investigated the matter; and have undertaken to increase visibility in the area, especially in the mornings and afternoons during the times when different Grades finish school. He also confirmed that the five rape cases were being fully investigated by the Mokopane FCS Unit.

Furthermore, the Department of Education was requested by SAPS to initiate a project of a School Bus where both parents and the Department can contribute.

However, I have yet to receive a response from the Capricorn District Municipality. I had requested that they ensure the bushes were suitably cut back and a clear and visible path be made available for the learners. They cannot remain silent while these learners are at risk and should follow the quick response by the SAPS in taking action on this matter.

As a Member of Parliament, it is my obligation to conduct oversight visits and ensure that issues that matter to ordinary South Africans are heard in Parliament. I will continue to conduct such visits because they help the most vulnerable people. I will not allow the ANC to intimidate me, as they attempted to do in Swayimane on Monday.

The rape of our women and children cannot be tolerated, and MPs must play a lead role in this fight.

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