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30 April 2017
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PAC wishes Mr Kenny Motsamai great things in his future endeavours. He is now a free man wherein he can join any political party or trade union of his preference. He, like all other people in this country, can work for any employer of his choice. We must highlight that the PAC is happy to see people coming forward offering assistance to one needy African, the promises could not be done to impress the crowd and the media but should be kept & honoured.

The PAC have performed the impossible. We have made sure that APLA cadres are released, despite many still being locked up, we were able to release a number of them. He was offered a new home recently through PAC. We will continue to support him.

We cannot afford to either be silent nor diplomatic about individual's claim that there is a need for unity. There seems to be some conduct which is similar to what is transpiring in the party in government whereby some people out of euphoria behave bigger than the organisation and claim to be solution to our immediate challenges.

We are discontent with the assertions of Mr Motsamai which have been reported by various newspaper titles where he guarantees that he will unite the party. We are only hoping that he was misquoted because as a member of the party he must adhere to the supreme document of the party which is its codified Constitution.

The PAC is different from other organisations. We had problems in the past where we only used our legal agents rather than killing defiant members or running to the media. We do not expect any person to solve our challenges through undemocratic process. PAC have got democratic chambers such as branches which is a fundamental structure of the PAC. If there are complaints we are always open to engage with such structures.


Issued by PAC

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