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27 April 2017
South African ex-politician Clive Derby-Lewis
Photo: Reuters
South African ex-politician Clive Derby-Lewis
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There is a common rhetoric in the PAC that "Africa for Africans, Africans for humanity and humanity for God", this means that the world and everything in it belongs to God.

Clive Derby-Lewis died a dignified death at his home with his dear family while many APLA combatants continue to die in jails and denied medical parole like many Apartheid agents such as the latter, De Kock, Walusz while others were never imprisoned for killing the blacks, Dr Wouter Basson continue to serve our country while he have massacred many of our people.

It is only African to bid any person who passed-on a farewell because we respect the dead as we believe they are part of our ancestors for which we pray. Pan Africanist Congress of Azania wishes to take this time to bid farewell to a man known as Mr Clive Derby-Lewis who masterminded the death of Chris Hani, we are not sure if this is the only death he orchestrated.

While many white Apartheid sinners are released on various parole, Azanian People's Liberation Army is saddened as they are still kept in prison for fighting the evil regime. The current government have no legal justification for imprisoning freedom fighters while the people who should be imprisoned and dying in jails are released.

What is also of concern is that all these people who are known to have had role in assassinating Hani will die and we will have no person to reveal about the details that are denied the public on who really gave order because it is clear that the truth is being kept away from the public.


Issued by PAC

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