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27 April 2017
North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo
North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo
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North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo has failed to answer any oral questions in the Provincial Legislature for the past five months. He has not been available for such sessions since May this year.

He has dodged his responsibilities and Constitutional duties long enough and must realise oral questions are a vital component of ensuring accountability and oversight of the Executive Committee. On 2 September the Premier was scheduled for a question and answer session but failed to attend or to lodge an apology for his absence. Another meeting was scheduled for 22 September and again the Premier failed to attend.

We have given the Premier ample time to prepare and respond to our questions. We have obliged to rules and met all requirements as stipulated by law and we expect the same from him. Mahumapelo, who pioneers the Saamtrek-Saamwerk programme – was also scheduled to participate in the said debate in the Legislature on 22 September. His attendance was confirmed on the Speaker, Susan Dantjie’s, list which was distributed to the house.

When the ANC realised that the Premier was absent they tried to defend his absence and Daantjie abruptly ordered her staff to remove the list amidst the proceedings. Given the number of important issues that our Province face, we want answers on the rapid collapse of service delivery in our Municipalities. We also demand answers on the separation of state power and the use of public resources to the benefit of the ANC.

We are concerned with Premier Supra Mahumapelo’s blatant disregard for legislature rules and has written to the Speaker Susan Daantjie requesting that the Premier answers oral questions in the NWPL as soon as possible. We will neither allow the rules to be broken nor will we not stop to ask difficult questions.

Rumours that the Premier might be recalled are doing the rounds, but while he is still in office, he should serve the people of North West. They deserve a leader that has respect for processes and will act on behalf of all, not only a few political connected friends.


Issued by DA North West

Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter
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