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1 May 2017
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AfriForum requested the Green Scorpions today to investigate the Thaba Chweu Municipality’s water management system. This follows complaints about raw sewage running through the old cemetery and into the Dorps River.
AfriForum has in the past written several letters to the Municipality on various sewage spills. In each case, the Municipality only responded after continued pressure from AfriForum. “This is not how a municipality should be managed. This type of pollution, where the health of a community is threatened, is a criminal offence. The community has had enough," said Leon de Jager, Chairperson of the AfriForum Lydenburg branch.
The Thaba Chweu Municipality has a record of sewage pollution, which also occurred in their drinking water. “This continued negligence and consequent pollution of our natural resources is totally unacceptable and criminal. We trust that the Green Scorpions will enforce legislation to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment," said De Jager.
The current spillage causes environmental and water pollution in a heritage area. “Several laws are being contravened and action must be taken against the responsible authority immediately. The extent of the pollution is such that is has become a great threat to human health as well as the river ecosystem and other natural resources," added De Jager.
The Green Scorpions were established as the environmental inspectorate for the Department of Environmental Affairs. They are the guardians of our natural resources in South Africa.

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